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Overall a tedious and labourous show. The tension took too long to pick up and build up and when it does, there’s not enough punch to the climax to make it worthwhile. If not for Russell Crowe’s belligerent and stubborn character and Ben Affleck’s slick dialogues and occasional tensions, the movie, ‘State of Play’, would have lost its charm on me.

Its easy to get  lost in the plot as the various notions and national conspiracy gets thrown around aimlessly, and I’ll admit that I was lost towards the middle of the story. I don’t easily get lost, but perhaps the script failed to get my attention, although I was glued at the end, where Crowe’s character faces off with the so called  ‘mercenary’ of the show. 

I’d actually thought his Crowe’s character would be killed off to provide some sort of sentiment to the plot, but faced with a semi automatic weapon and backed by a growing pool of police officers, indeed just a lunge onto the floor saved him from the eventual spray of bullets. Corny, imho. The killing of Crowe’s character would’ve provided the right emotions for a mundane plot, but it was not to be.

Oh, just for the records, I do not endorse any killings of any living things, and these suggestions I have here are purely for fictional entertainment purposes! Bah! (End all wars!) 

What’s up with Hollywood and all these wordy shows? I’ve yet to catch Tom Hank’s ‘Angels & Demons’ but I’ll probably catch that in a movie-thon — *nudge-nudge-at-Dils*. At the same time, I’ll probably stay patient while Transformer 2 creeps towards the local Silverscreen.

If you had to watch a movie, and in this case ‘State of Play’, for once I won’t be recommending it because, though I don’t hate it (the director did pretty well), I didn’t like it either. Just my 2 cents here. So watch it for the sake of watching, and you’ll probably not get too disappointed either.