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Is it harder starting over than never to have change?

Words sang by Chester on Linkin Park’s newest track ‘Blackbirds’ from their upcoming album 8-bit Rebellion. (Link to youtube audio+lyrics above)

Woohoo, more Emo-Electronic-Rock-Nu-Metal-Hip-Hop from Linkin Park, but mostly emo though. Not necessarily genre moving stuffs, but if it’s something new from the boys, it’s gotta be fresh materials. I like!

Well in any case, if he’s referring to upgrading or putting out a fresh install (or clean install) of Windows 7, then that first sentence above isn’t necessariy true.

It’s so much easier to use Windows 7, comparing to Windows XP, where even reformatting of hard disks are less painful than before — note that I mention less painful instead of not painful, because the pain of waiting and configuring is still there!

Looking at the bigger picture, Windows 7 has turned out to be really well done (stable) and simple to use (user-friendly) and has captured a major part of my faith in computer systems, even if initially I presented doubt in adopting Windows 7 for the workplace.

Yeah, there’s a new (ours!) printing establishment in Ubi Techlink people~ Great looking prints and prompt services for everyone!

Oh, back to the Operating Systems, or OS debacle, don’t worry Mac OS X, you’re still number 1. Always has and always will be.

Dear Windows 7, you still have major steps to climb onto before it’s anywhere near OS X goodness but, a bit of good news here, you’re getting closer than ever to mimicking OS X! Kudos!

Am I in love with OS X? How many times have I mentioned it now? Twice? Maybe. Anyways..

Go ahead all you IT people, go ahead and use Windows 7 for the office, cos I give it the thumbs up (like it really matters eh?).

So why the sudden change in attitude towards Windows 7 from me?

Well I guess that it’s easier starting over than never to have changed.

Now, if only relationships could be given a ‘fresh install’ too.