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While we’re still lingering around the subject of movie posters, I took a quick check in my memory drawer of the war related movies that has captivated me ever since I was young.

And I’m still young, by the way.

So what makes a great war movie? I don’t know, but I sure enjoy reliving through these flicks and wouldn’t mind watching it over again.

I stumbled upon a few sites with movie posters, and so I thought, why not?

Here’s a quick recap of the posters, of what I’d thought would make up my best 10 war movies, followed by my summarised thoughts.

War Movie Posters

Troy: All these destruction, for a lady? Damn worth it.

300: Makes chasing death look too cool.

Black Hawk Down:  Sometimes shit happens.

Enemy At The Gates: Playing dead to stay alive.

Saving Private Ryan: All these destruction, for a man? Damn worth it.

Zulu: Sometimes you gotta stop, retreat, and applaud the bravery.

Avatar: All these destruction, for a floating rock? *Puts on 3D glasses*

Braveheart: Freedom!!!

Lord Of The Flies: Kids aren’t so innocent after all.

The Hurt Locker: A different kind of drug.

Takes a breather..

And these are the war movies that I certainly don’t mind sitting through a few hours to experience all over again.

Now, who wants to watch em with me???