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How’s it spelt exactly? Not entirely sure but we smoked sheesha (I’ll stick to this spelling for now) somewhere along Arab St just now. Chic dudes and duddettes were aplenty, while fruity flavoured smoke lingered amongst us while we rested after dinner at Kampung Glam Cafe. They served quite okay food leh this time.

I thought that there was something different about the cafe, though I couldn’t pinpoint what. I had an apple pie earlier at work, so I ordered something light, something that sounded like Mee Hoon Goreng Daging — not bad, really. It was smooth, and moisturous and tangy, and in short, yummy!

During the sheesha-ing session, Fahmi and Z left for the toilet, but when they came back they brought Rafiq along, a long lost NYP friend of ours, whom almost instantly recognised Ikhwan, Irfan and Firman! Wow! This dude has a great memory lah, and has somehow managed to pack a couple of kilos onto his frame too ‘cos he looks beefed indeed! 

So there really isn’t anything special to sheesha-ing, I think. In fact, IMHO it’s just another toy to throw your money at, while relaxing time with your friends, but isn’t that what smoking is all about? Looking cool, mixing around, calming yourselves down, glancing at your surroundings and discussing about coming up with a video team to record a friend’s wedding. Typical smoker stuffs, save the wedding thingy, which seems really ambitious and worthwhile doing at the same time! I endorse!

So yeah, its an occasion to indulge in the typical smoker attitude but you just can’t deny that the fruity smokey flavour, that sticks to your upper throat, is kind of enticing, but certainly not addictive? Na-uh~ Hardly! For if you really asked me, DOTA hooks me far worse than sheesha ever will. Oh, and DOTA, it’s much cheaper too! Heh~