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After many days of packing her bags, my sis, Seri, finally made her way for Cambodia. A school excursion/exchange programme which I don’t really comprehend about — RP or Republic Poly really has an unorthodox way of passing on the knowledge. From what my sis complains about, it is as if they never really teach, only coerces you to gather your own knowledge and build your own skills ALL ON YOUR OWN (which really makes going to school redundant isn’t it?) — but maybe these lecturers, or industry rejects as coined by my former lecturers, have an undercover agenda? Only god knows.

Anyway it was another sleep deprived night as I woke up in the wee hours (3am!!!!) to accompany sis to the airport. Okay, okay so I really only managed to drag myself to the void deck to send her off, as Dad, Ma and her Beau drove her to Terminal 1, and I though I felt bad for not sending all the way, I know I’ll be seeing her again in 2 weeks time, which I believe will pass by soon enough.

If her US study trip gets approved, then I’ll definitely be sending her right up to the gangways of the Boeing747 (they still using this bird anot arh? or is it the airbus already?). Highly unlikely that security will let me though all the way, but nevertheless, I’ll be sending her off as far as I can. 

So, here’s me wishing her all the best in milking the Cambodian Cows and plucking the feathers of the local gallinaceous birds for dinner. May there be enough food to fill up her untenable apetite and may the guerilla mosquities make peace with her at night. Anyway I hope that she’ll get loads of experience and mosquito bites and create as much network and friends as possible and come back a richer, fuller, worldly person. Good luck Sis!

Now back to my slumber…