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Life goes off in a blur, comeuppance of long extended nights catches up, and when I thought that it couldn’t get any worse, an illness creeps in, burning away my weekend and disrupting every little plan that I had.

The last time I was hit by a bout of fever this bad… well I couldn’t even remember.

For almost 4-5 days, I spent time in bed fighting lucid dreams, or maybe I wasn’t dreaming, but merely lying down with eyes half closed and the mind half concious of the surroundings.

I poured ice and cool water into a bucket and applied cool patches to lessen the burning sensation and even finished an entire satchet of Panadols over 48hours. To an extent it worked but only as much as to allow myself the opportunity to drag my bum to the clinic, where thedoctor was all inquisitive about my condition.

No cough? No Flu? No Phelgm? No Stomach-pains? For goodness sake, Doctor, it’s a fever!

The consultation ended with the statement of ‘how bad I looked’ before I was given 2 days of MC, which I survived solely on delicately soft and mildly tasteful Japanese bread, a couple of 1.5 litre 100 plus bottles, instant Oats, Hari Raya kuehs and biscuits and lots of sleep.

I felt so much ache in my muscles and tension around my head that the pain turned to numbness, as my head swirled round and round, and round.

I found it difficult to stay awake, but I had to, and I couldn’t really focus on the computer screen so each time I switched it on, five minutes later it was off.

As I gradually recovered, I paced slowly around the house, just to get my mind off any feeling-sick thoughts and ended up watching MTVs.

Occasionally Dad would call in from Saudi Arabia (he’s performing his Haj) and ask how things were, but I’d tell him that everyone’s doing good and that there’s nothing to worry about.

A white lie suffices once in a while, cos I’d expect that if anyone’s calling from somewhere halfway across the world, of what good would news about a sickly feverish son that’s now marathon-ed towards 4 days be?

Honestly, I did began to wonder if it was going to turn into a serious illness or just a passing fever, but I’m glad that it’s now getting much, much better.

So no cough, no flu, no stomache-pains, just high fever and perhaps the only celebratory event that I could grow content with was that there was no work done too.

I remembered asking for a long holiday from work, heh, but this was a little bit different eh?

In any case, I feel really really fresh today, where it’s the 6th day after my first encounter of ┬áthe fever bug, but still not fresh enough.

And still looking for that long holiday.