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How coincidence is that of 1% of the population that’s in this so-called group of thinkers, the Masterminds, that Dils and I are in the same boat.

Well I took a Jung Typology test, only because Dils insisted me to, and it turns out that I’m an ‘Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging’ person, and if you’re just as confused as I am, here’s some enlightenment.

Much like how the fortune teller seeked to entertain my afternoon, taking the test served to be much more entertaining, although not of the action-packed kind, if not the same.

Reading through it’s narrative comments of the ‘suggested’ characteristics of mine, it somehow widened the tunnel vision of my recent disenchantments, and perhaps allowing me to understand a little better now as to why I’m constantly unsettled with possessing that sense of ¬†comfort and the thought of being average.

And then the tests lists a few career choice for Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging’ persons, and it happens to be some of the stuffs that I would certainly enjoy making a career out of, such as a computer programmer, among others.

Very geeky, I know, but it just feels good to know that I’m a geek that’s among the 1% of the populaton.

But I know very well that all these are a little bit of fun stuffs, other than analytical profiling, that really means nothing if one doesn’t work hard and grabs the opportunities that knock on their door.

Oh well, so I quote Morpheus’ words to Neo, in the Matrix — ‘Now that the door is shown, it is up to you to walk through it.’ (I think that’s what he said right? Right?)

Anyway, go take the test, and find out what person you are.