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Another BIG reason why I should never consider myself as a ‘good’ photographer, not until I am able to recapture moods as depicted in these compositions.

Warning: Prepare to lose your speech and be humbled at the same time!

Blue Jetty

The lighting, the mood, the crispness, the colours, the emotions, the richness in depth of field, the amazing quality and dedication that these photos are taken with, it never tire me to keep viewing them over and over again.

Green Forest Path

They are so amazing, that each photograph deserves a solid story of their own, and it seems like IT IS a story on its own.

Men N Animals

Rarindra Prakarsa is an Indonesian photographer which I recently uncovered while going through the tombs in the photograhy section of the forum I frequently read, flashkit’s boards, which then led me to this particular collection of his about Indonesian kids.

Though all the photos seem to scream ‘Photoshop!’, I have to concede that the composition itself is brilliantly majestic by nature — and though I don’t have a clue as to what equipment that he possesses, I can only second guess.

So you think you’re good with that Canon DSLR or Nikkon D70? I’d love to see something.