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I took the liberty of pampering myself to a slew of movie watching, over the last weekend, which really have been long overdue ever since.. well ever since.. gee, I can’t really remember.

Just when was the last time I inserted a DVD into my DVD player and spend a good one to two hours just lying down on the bed and getting entertained??? No, not that kind of entertained, but anyways..

Fantastic Mr Fox was blueberry sweetly fantastic and reminded me of old school animation. It was rustic, sneaky and quite engaging actually, with plenty of epic soundtracks. It’s like a mixture of Quentin Tarantino + Jim Burton at the director’s helm and Lady Gaga + Yanni at the helm of its soundtracks. Good, clean fun, plus no animals were harmed in the making of the movie. I think.

The Book Of Eli, managed to drag me to the depths of boredom and beyond, in its first 30 minutes of opening sequence, and not until a raucous encounter with the main villain was there really anything cheerworthy of the film then. Denzel washington was too slick and refined to be casted as a ramshackled, lone vagabond. If not for his performance, The Book Of Eli would’ve totaly disappointed with its lacklustre settings, much-more-cliche dialogues than Avatar’s, and a pacing that makes Driving Miss Daisy look like a prequel to The Fast & The Furious. It didn’t tickle my tastebuds (even though I watched it till the end) but I suppose it’d appeal to anyone who’s more towards the pious side of this world.

Zombieland, it’s just scrumptious, yum yum. No, this isn’t a bias zombie movie review just because I loved the viral first person shooter game, Left 4 Dead. I can’t remember the older actresses’ name but I think she’s hot. Also, the chemistry shared among the 4 lead characters (Left 4 Dead had 4 lead players too~) lends itself to the movie’s good joy. At the end of the movie, it makes you wish that the world was overrun by zombies, just so you could grab anything and start whacking ’em all. You’d want to release all that pent up tension inside, right? It’s wacky, comedic, and it’s one of those shows that you’d wanna watch with your buddies, so everyone can get a good hearty LOLs.

The Blind Side, a contender in the upcoming Oscars race for Best Picture, alongside Avatar, was a good weekend filler too. Sandra Bullock was bullishly good and impeccably exciting to watch. There’s enough angst, love, joy, sorrow to twist and turn you around, and I’m not surprised that it deservingly got nominated so. I wonder if I’d had done the same thing if I was in her shoes, when she did what she did to change a young man’s life — but at the end of the showing, we’re revealed why she thrusts herself so and overall, it’s simply a very touching and emotive movie, with a couple of food for thoughts.

Damage, it starred ex-Wrestler, who goes by the moniker Stone Cold Steve Austin, back during his wrestling hey-days, and with plenty blood splashing about, punches thrown about and profanities flying around, it’s a movie for the weekend testosterone charged viewers. I liked that Austin was a man on the road to recovery, yet caught in a dilemma that he’d be doing both good and bad, no matter what path he chooses. Not something I’d watch again and again, but it’s entertaining nevertheless.

Informant, which I thought would be witty and downright outrageous, was sadly only utrageous at best. It was a forgettable performance from an actor that have done really great movies before, and I guess talk-talk drama isn’t really his thing. It felt as if the writers had tried to fill the plot with plenty of twists and turns that everything got twisted and turned around real bad. Where at first you kind of got the drift of the movie, I’m pretty much confident that you’ll lose everything and start wondering ‘wth had just happened?’ at the end. As much as I enjoyed witty, dialogue-filled movies, this one was quite a chore to go through.

Ponyo, however, was quite a joyous movie, although its overly goody-goody looks and story didn’t quite provide much antagonistic elements to it, much like watching an episode of Sesame Street, where you know everything’s going to be good, nice and all smiles. I do liked Ponyo, it had its moments, though I kind of question the part where the community of grandmas and the young boy and his mother went under the sea and breathed bubbles there. I know it’s a magical story, and some may get it, but I just don’t.

So I finally managed to watch Ponyo till the end this time, along with a host of other movies, and all these over the last week, and I must say that I’ve been impressed with The Blind Side tremendously.

It’s got that uplifting, feel-good aura about it, and watching it makes one feel… good. And uplifting.

Like Avatar.