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@ Skyprince — You know if I’m not wrong, the Elf deck remains undefeated till today. But it has been defeated before, and that by a Zombie deck! You know, M:TG has grown tremendously now? There’s ALARA: Reborn expansion coming up. Check out these pre-release schedules here in Singapore!

@ Klayhead —  Bro, history have shown that Chelsea-Arsenal games are very tight, cagey affairs so I’m not surprised that it’ll end in a stalemate. Also, twice, the last time they met in cup games, Chelsea came out victors. But I’m no fan of history, and me judging them by their current form, I suppose Arsenal will be be given a hard time containing Chelsea’s threat. But the ball is round right?

@ Sri — By myself? You had to ask? What!!! Okay, not really. Haha. Its a free template actually. I just altered bits and pieces of it, like any true web designer does. Heh. Head down to  smashing magazine, which provide insightful designs, for some inspirations.

“Pay not what it stands for, but because its worth it. “
Not So Famous random quotes from Mar.