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Liverpool’s away win at Fratton Park, against Posrtsmouth, on Saturday’s eve meant that it was victory number 7 in 15 games! It certainly does not showcase a title winning team, but having conceded just 1 loss in 15 games might suggest otherwise. It has been Liverpool’s undoings that they drew (7 draws in the last 15!) too many games, since the past few seasons. 

However this season, unlike seasons past, feels a little different because we won games against our fellow compatriots, and this has been a crucial factor in preventing them from pulling away in the league. Then there is that distinct Liverpool flavour of late comebacks, like how Portsmouth unfortunately witnessed last Saturday. 

An unorthodox formation of 3-5-2 was deployed by Rafa and despite the surprise tactics, and despite Gerrard’s abscence, Liverpool played really well. Critics have been calling Rafa mad, but I think it is them who are mad. Rafa may appear defensive but his cautious nature have prevented plenty of defeats, and actually made us a terribly difficult team to beat, unless your team is called Everton ( whose players have been born to hate us)!

Gleefully Torres has rekindled his scoring prowess while the Liverpool wingers have finally learned how to present a proper cross across goal. Now even Jamie Carragher has evolved into an overlapping behemoth, but I’ll not touch on his crossing abilities yet. It certainly feels that the team is maturing nicely together now.

With a lot more games to be played there is definitely plenty of optimism within the Liverpool camp. Despite not having the audacity to make any bold title winning predictions at the moment, I will be crossing my fingers for our 19th Title to come to Anfield, after 19 years of wait. There is hope, still.