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Last I checked the calendar, or my phone’s visible date, it’s not 2012 yet, and yet this real photo, yes it’s a really really real photo, brings back visions of that apocalyptic movie ‘2012’.

Guatemala Sinkhole

I can’t remember where I happened to chance upon this haunting image, but I couldn’t resist keeping a mental note of it here, and at the same time, it strangely reminds me of how fortunate I am to be born and raised in this ‘pay and pay’ country.

And no I’m not complaining — that’s why I mention in gratitude that I’m fortunate.

The sinkhole appeared after a torrential rain in Guatemala, and, I hope it don’t sound any blasphemous, that it’s as if God decided to start poking holes into the earth.

In any case, it’s a natural disaster, it happens and there’s really not much you can do to anticipate this, not even months of planning or careful preparations, because when shit happens, it happens.

In a strange way, that’s how life goes about don’t it?

That no matter how much plans you planned, and how much details you’ve poured into your work, shit happens (for all the pessimists out there) or perhaps something beautiful (instead for all the optimists in here) crops up, and, like curveballs, you meander and rechart your route in the river of life all over again.

It’s tiring, it’s taxing and it’s discombobulating but hey, nobody said it’s going to be easy.

But the most important thing is that life goes on, as it shouldn’t stagnate just because you woke to find a sinkhole in the middle of your life, and I hope you find the strength and courage to face up to whatever sinkholes that may come your way.

And as imposible as it may sound to fill it back up to its brims again, try, otherwise walk around it and who knows, you might discover yourself walking by new routes that you’ve never thought existed.

Life goes on, and especially to the affected and effected residents in the context of this eeriely haunting sinkhole, it’s time to rebuild.

Ye, life goes on.