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Pain, pain, pain, pain and pain. Pain. I received an unwelcomed knee blow onto my left thigh this morning at Dragonscage. Flicking the ball away from the onrushing Rizal, his momentum forced him to land his knee straight on, full forced, onto my left thigh. Wonderful stuff. Feels like you’re flying around a field of chysanthemum. Yeah right. It’s super painful and I’d gladly demo to anyone who feels like a demonstration is needed. Heh.

Dragonscage attendance was ok-ok, not that many turned up, but mroe than enough for a morning session. Initially, after the blow, it still felt decent and I didn’t really feel the pain, not until I reach office later on and sat down at the workstation did I began to feel the beauty of a knee-blow-onto-thigh thingy. Painful daaaaaa! I had to gingerly hobble around at work today, but I hope tomorrow it’ll be better. But how to ease the pain? And the answer is…

Deep Heat! Like how Mee Maggi saved the lives of countless students in dorm rooms  or hungry gamers on their 12th hour of DOTA, Deep heat has saved my Sunday evening. After work, I rushed down to nearby Mustapha Centre to find one, and I found a million! Okay, so its much less than a million, but myriads of brands and kinds of it amazed me! I really didn’t know which brand to look for, so I went with one of the expensive ones. You see, there was the $3 ones, the $6 ones, the $8 ones and even the $14 ones. I took the $8 Deep Heat, and before that decision, how I wish that I could instantly, at that moment, hook up to Google and do a quick search on ‘Best Deep Heat Brand’.

As it turned out, after browsing a little later at home, google confirmed that my $8 purchase was well worth it. Here’s the article that explains thoroughly what Deep Heat does. Thanks to the article, I now know that I got the perfect concentration of substance in my Deep Heat to ease the pain. I think its a good read for anyone in case a situation calls for it and you’ll probably thank me for directing you the link as you’ve just bought your perfect Deep heat too.

So less pain now, more mood for gaming + soccer watching. In a few hours time the English Premiere League games will kick off simultaneously for the last round of the season. Thankfully, I’ll be watching them all comfortably. Oh and to all Newcastle fans, I suggest you get Deep Heat to ease the pain of realising that your team is relegated. Suppose the $3 ones suffices eh?