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Exhausted, I was. Thus no updates over the weekend. Hear me rant.

Had a cracking game in the 3pm League on Saturday, and though it was a good outing, I failed to muster any decent shots on target, meaning that I’ve not scored in a game for a very long time, which also meant that it was another disappointing afternoon for me even though the team won. Very uncomfortable indeed. Uncompromising fact: I need to start scoring goals!

Straight after the game was Abg Syam’s birthday BBQ at East Coast, another scrumptious BBQ that I’ve had within a year. (The other one was my customer’s home bbq thingy, which got me crazy over crayfish!) So food was great, but it came at a tradeoff, involving me being a waterboy-for-hire. If only there was a warning sign which said ‘Water Point very far. Maybe 1-1.5km away. Are you sure you’re carrying that much water?’.

Slept like a log till the next day only to be awakened by Dad’s booming voice. Thrice — he failed in his first 2 attempts to wake me up, but its only because It was a Sunday and I don’t get up around 8.30am. Ever. Anyway, me, bro, ma and Dad were up early to assist our relatives in shifting/moving house and I’m not sure what unlucky boxers I was wearing to receive such luck of having to carry REALLY heavy stuffs on a Sunday morning. I think I sweated more than yesterday’s soccer game. But since all’s for a good cause eh I’m humbly glad to assist then.

More rants to follow. Read on.

Immediately after the house shifting thingy, about 12.45pm, I rushed to Dragonscage for my weekly dosage of street soccer, and of all the days to end the session early, it was today! I joined the guys for about 20-25 minutes and then it was a wrap! Disappointed again, but thankfully the trip to West Mall’s Pastamania was some sort of a mild redemption as I discovered that they served really delicious, spicy, thick Pasta dishes! Would definitely go again!

And being the passionate soccer freak that I am, I found it hard near impossible to resist Abg Rahman’s invitation to play at a nearby Secondary School (Hua Yi Secondary, my sis’s former secondary school). Was accompanying sis with her Cambodia trip preparations, but I dropped it all and dashed off with my trusted soccer boots. The afternoon was hot, but no matter how fatigued I was, a game of soccer never failed to ignite me. Not even when this uncle team I was playing for was down by 2 goals to nil.

Actually, the scoreline worked me up even more. Its like I get some sort of a rush in trying to overcome a deficit. I suppose the rewards of not succumbing is sweeter, but I certainly wasn’t expecting a 5 goals to Zero reply outcome. Second time ever that a team I’m in concedes so much. Sob-Sob.

Gaaaah, so much results not going my way over the weekend (let’s not get started about the streak of losses in my dota games eh?) and I suppose things’ll only get better.

Time to get new boxers?