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Well not exactly ORD, cos I ord-ed years back,  but something similar, cos today it was the end of (reservist) training and camp life for me.

Wait, it wasn’t quite a camp with tents and bonfires that i went through but rather an intense 36hour vigil over some covertly deemed highly important strategic location somewhere on this island, overseeing and deploying 26 grown men, at the same time ensuring that our training and planning that spanned the last 2 years came to fruition.

Sleeping hours was scarce and often interrupted by a few teams of interrogators evaluators who bug in occasionally, and whom often seem to arrive just as I’m in the middle of my rest time.

I guessed that I slept about an hour at my longest available stretch, before exercise ended, but it’s ended and I’m just so damn glad. No more ‘camp’, no more weeks of training and hours spent in the sun already.

Aahhh, I can smell the taste of my unit graduating, along with all the joy it brings. Guess what? It tastes refreshingly and satisfyingly good, cos we’re officially off training as of today!

ORD loh!