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Is it true that Opportunity knocks only once?

If it’s so, then was it foolish of me to turn down Yanni’s invitation to go Penang, together with her hubby and self, a few days before my birthday to mini celebrate my birthday as well?

You see, Yanni is my wonderfully affable childhood friend, much like a sister to me, and it’s been quite a while since we’ve caught up, so I thought that it’d be an awesome thing to do, to travel up north and to be able to try for myself some authentic Penang Laksa for once.

And then I turned down the invitation, much to her poignant repose, from which she could hardly hide her disappointment..

BUT it was not for the lack of wanting on my part though, for I truly do desire to get away from work and life’s priorities, if I could, and simply let loose, so to speak as I can barely remember the last time that I actually went on a holiday that’s 3 days long.

IF I could.

Strangely I’m left poignant as well.

So here I am blogging in the envelope of my dimly lit room’s ambience, 3am in the morning, harassed by 2 insomniac felines, and suffering from a lack of sleep and deprivation of livid energy due to this morning’s IPPT session.

Oh and I’m taxed mercilessly by my marathon-like working hours at the office which I just left as well.

Indeed, here I am left poignantly hoping that the opportunity arises again in the near future, and I really hope it will, but until then, guess I’ll be crossing my fingers, taping them together, and crash peacefully for the night.

It was a difficult decision, and I know I’m letting down a friend, but there are times when even your best-est of friends shall come up second best.

Or should they?

*FacePalms*.. I dunno.. Hmm.. Somehow I’m disturbed that I’m disturbed by it all.

Heh, what would you do if you’re posed with the dilemma of your long time childhood friend proposing for a getaway against a backdrop of life’s priorities?