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.. but still a looooong way to go lar!

Email Cash Pro

Okay lah, not quite there — not even remotely close to financial freedom but this is definitely something right? That $0.5696 SGD is mine! All mine! My precious! Lol.

I know it’s a meagre and measly amount but that’s because I’ve yet to invite more people to join my team and start earning bigger amounts!

Someone I knew, whom I invited earlier, asked if this is even for real, as in can one even earn money from reading emails? Wait, can I answer that question directly? So, yes. Yes, one CAN earn money just by reading emails, and I’ve earned $0.5696 SGD!!!

Jokes aside, and I’m sure it’s quite a joke to be earning that amount, but does anyone see the bigger picture here?

I mean, like hello? Does anyone else see the power of leveraging and replication here? Honestly, to even shun such an opportunity can be likened to a Malay saying ‘Reski jangan dibuang, musuh jangan dicari’, which translates loosely to ‘Don’t throw away opportunities, and go looking for enemies’.

How hard can it be to open your email in the morning, and read it? Okay, let me rephrase this: how difficult can it be to open your email, click on a link (which will open a new webpage) and then leave it by itself for 30 seconds, cos that’s the timing required for you to earn your 1 credit. YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE TO READ IT! Get my drift here? Simply open, click, go elsewhere, and after 30s, close window.

Now how many times can you replicate this daily? Now how many friends can you leverage this upon?

Okay, okay, maybe some of us are quite well to do so we don’t do all these ‘trivial’ and ‘small’ things, but to say such things is merely to throw away the power of leveraging and shun this FREE opportunity.

Okay lah, maybe not free, cos you’re trading 30s of your time anyway, but that’s as much as it goes.

Ahaha, so if this statistics is anything to go by, I’ll be earning my Million dollar in… about 53,000 years later!