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Nah, nothing’s wrong with em but they were extremely, and surprisingly, sleepy this afternoon, after lunch — and I had an extremely quick lunch on my own, where my customer didn’t believe that I’d already taken it. He thought I was off to the toilet and reckoned that I couldn’t finish my lunch so fast. Seems like NS at Tekong has taught me well in cutting short your meal times~

Even as i write this, they (my eyes) are looping the eyelids incessantly in an effort to get me to sleep, but I’ve only reached home and I’ve yet to DOTA for the day! I’ve targeted to get at least 2 dota games per day, cos I harbour far fetched dreams of getting a respectable rank/level in Garena.

The losses in my games in these past few days serves only as a catalyst to play even more games and grab as many victories as possible, which are eluding me at the moment. BUT I know that I’ll catch that winning streak once again, cos it is not impossible — just like how it isn’t possible for Mas Selamat to evade the authorities.

Yeah, so the Terrorists-at-large, or used to be at large, has been re-arrested. I’m not sure if I should feel glad, safe, alarmed or even anything at all. I know I’m supposed to update and align myself with these sort of things, now that my reservist month is creeping ever so near, but I don’t care as these days I prefer to simply ‘escape’ and have fun.

In the past I’d get paranoia if the value of the USD went down like recently, cos that meant buying from US is cheaper again. I don’t know, it seems like I’ve lost the will to go hysterical spontaneously, like I’m being controlled, but by me. Weird, but thats just it is.

Right now, all I want to do is to score a lot more goals during my soccer games, win more DOTA games, ride my bike longer, play with my cat all day and eat nasi lemak for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Pfft. Whatever happened to the responsible and hardworking me? I’ve even sort of half-abandoned my T-shirt, Web Development and Photography ventures. Even making music seems decades ago.

Dota, dota, dota. Geee. Okay, just one more dota round perhaps. Let’s see…