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Am I the only one who thought that the Marina Bay countdown’s fireworks display was… dull?

Oh, but in due respect, any fireworks are awesome by nature, because nothing beats the adrenalin rush of having explosions after explosions erupt fervently beside you, as you stand motionless in awe, gaping at the colours that litter the midnight sky, but what was that soulless, languid display of fireworks over at Marina Bay last night?

No doubt the fireworks were made to be in-synced with the 1970-ish and sophorific melodic tune over the airwaves, but as I sit at home, wonderfully alone yet again on a new year after a late night at the office and wondering continuously where on earth everybody else is, I was devoid of awe and any wondrous joy at seeing the colours on display, and it wasn’t because I was on my own.

I suppose since the main tv channel, of which I finally tune into since.. since I can remember, was airing the Marina Bay event, it had to be the final event of the year right?

But why does it feel lifeless, mundane and unexciting?

Granted the explosions, the colours, the thunder-like roar will bewitch anyone in full witness of the show, but I thought the pacing, the gist or the life of the fireworks show, was uninspiring, tedious and lifeless!

It’s as if the organisers decided to open up their wallets to the lowest bidding fireworks operator, one without character and style, without scouring the globe for an award winning fireworks specialist, one such as Portugal’s Mecados Pirotecnia.

Anyway, so It was awful, note that i didn’t say aweful but awful, and I can’t help but to compare the Marina Bay’s show with..

If you were at the Marina Bay event or somehow watched the event over on TV, do you get my point now?

THIS is how a fireworks display, especially one that’s aired on national tv, for the final biggest event of the year, and for a nation that’s bent on capturing the imagination of the global audience, should be.

THIS is what fireworks were made for, as they continuously mess up your heartbeat with the rapid explosion of lights.

THIS I tell ya, if I was in the presence of such a show, I’d crap my pants, changed into a new one, and crapped it all over again, in trepidating awe of the spectacle, the marvel, the monstrous lights in front of me.

And then I thought back on the Marina Bay fireworks and I tried to recall an awesome moment.. but I couldn’t!

So I googled for a few awesome fireworks vid and I came across..

Wow. Just wow.

And if you could somehow ignore the incessant “Wahhhh~” that you hear in the background, THIS is what awesome is all about.

THIS is awesome because the action and incessant explosions are seemingly unyielding, and you’re knocked about left right center, and you’re not even allowed a single moment to blink or catch your breathe as the manic occasion and lights reel you in epicly, while you feel small and tiny.

THIS is waahhhhhhhhh~