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I’m a planner kind of guy, and I like planning stuffs and executing them to perfection — but I know that things don’t go as planned sometimes.

And tonight it didn’t went as planned — where we were originally supposed to go for an ice-cream evening — where I began craving for ice-cream early in the week, but as it turned out, ice-cream wasn’t really on my mind the whole time.

And I certainly least expected for an Ironman 2 possibility, but the fact that in that morning, as I went out to get cat litter for my feline friends, there were 2 vacant seats in the middle of Lot 1’s theatre #1, and I just couldn’t resist it.

Chilling out with Dils and watching Machines battling explosively, means killing 2 birds with 1 stone, and with the measly amount of free time that I have these days, like why not?

But no animals were harmed today, other than the prawns that made up my Red Curry Prawn dish, and the chickens and cow that made up the rest of our dishes.

Hmmm, now that I think of food this way, it does feel a little kind of gross to be eating meat! What a thought!

Thankfully, the thought of eating only vegetables somehow puts that gross thought to rest, and lo and behold, I’m omnivorous once again.

Anyway, so I often plan and then there are times when I don’t and just let things pan out, because the unexpected brings with itself more than you could imagine, you’ll soon learn that Murphy’s Law is at work all the time.

Good things, bad things, it’s all subjective and as far as I’m concerned, I gotta admit that it was a little bit awkward, but nothing uncomfortable.

If anything that the event industry has thought me all these years, is that, everything is unexpected, and so the ‘get it done and over with’ mentality kicks in, and the ‘clean up the mess and everybody forgets what happened and becomes friends once again’ execution of thoughts follows up.

I’m still quite shocked, with myself, as to why I even brought up the subject tonight, much to her claims of ‘This is awkward’ for multiple moments, amidst a mixture of ‘lol’ moments and skimpy silences, but nothing that I regretted.

I’d go through all the awkward moments and trip all over again than to go on without knowing what could have been.

I’ll face it, that if it’s meant to be, it will be, and if it happens, it happens, and that still doesn’t malfunction the equation that we’re still really good friends after all these years, because I still want my ice-cream outing!

Ahaha.. nothing beats an ice-cream binge after countless continuous work days, where other than this Sunday, I can’t even remember when was the last Sunday that I spent waking up dazed from my bed at 1 O’clock in the lazy, humid afternoon, and all this without having to worry about receiving a client’s call to rush back to the office.

At this point of time, if it’s Shrek-like fairy tale with an ending: they gazed into each other, they kissed, they hugged and they lived on happily ever after, well then that’s only for the silver screens.

But I think there’s a far more suitable line and with enough credits too, and so here goes:

Keep rocking my world.

And from a good friend to a good friend, I still want my ice-cream. \m/

Oh, and Ironman2 rocks!