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Last Thursday, I turned 30, in the most awesome way that I could never have imagined.

I also got a gift better than I could have ever planned, as I was whisked here, there and everywhere as I succumbed my day to her whims and will.

My only gripe was that I wore a black-dark, thick cotton shirt because she asked me to dressed smartly, and only because I think that I could have still pulled the whole day off with my usual jeans and suave tee.. but that’s just me.

What did I get to do? Let’s see..

Karaoke session was good, lunch was splendous and she got strangers to sing me a birthday jingle.

Then we shopped for ‘the birthday gift’ even though I was reluctant to make her spend, but in the end my choice of the wrist watch was eccentrically scrumptuous – a toss between a white Diesel one and a metallic Armani Exchange. This gift, which I still think is way too much too spend on this 30 year old, but way too awesome nevertheless.

And the fireworks, literally, came up in the evening spent at Sentosa, which was nothing short of magically flawless, save for the bird-dropping, mosquito-biting thingy.

But those were mere headfakes, for the real gift was the gift of love, masked within a tender company and waves after waves of generous gestures.

I’d never thought turning 30 meant I’d be pampered this way, but for that special and memorable gift of company, I really couldn’t have wished for anything more.

Ahhh, being 30 feels so awesome! *wink*