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Surprisingly, March has turned out to be a testing month indeed.

From falling uber ill to the constant babsitting of the new office’s uber renovations, it’s been a week I’d wish to put behind asap.

From catching up lost episodes of the GSL (Global Starcraft League) to catching up with my customers’ job demands.

For once, and not in a long while, I feel stretched and taxed actually, not that mentioning ‘taxed’ here has anything to do with me being taxed by IRAS as I surprisingly realised that my yearly revenue had sneakily gone past my target for the year.

This means that next year, I’ll be targeting the $50k mark, an ambitious shot in the sky, but hey if you don’t aim high, you’re aiming low right?

In any case, whether I get to achieve it or not, will largely depend on how I utlise my current spare resources before next year’s FY ends.

You know, that old adage of making your $1 work for you to earn another $1?

Because banks only give you about 0.1cents for your $1, they aren’t the most cost effective solution in growing your money, if you count inflation in.

And inflation is in people, and I think that it’s quite bad.

Gone are the days when you could buy a plate of chicken rice for $2, or get a busride for 40cents — does anyone remember that?

Yeah, a bus ride for 40 cents, a plate of mee rebus for 40 cents, or a packet of kopi for 40 cents.

Ahh, those were the days.