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As I’m writing this post, my two cats are practising their Capoeiras dutifully. Such mild mannered cats. Spiralling, twisting and bouncing around. Nice kitties…

Ok, so I never thought that I’d ever get to see the day when I’d let go of a cough and spill out the dinner.

Well I just did. And the cough is back. (What’s up with me and cough???) And its giving me a torrid time, much like how Torres gave Vidic a horrible afternoon, when Liverpool THRASHED Man Yoo that day.

And so I’ve blogged about how I came to miss all the games (Real Madrid’s, Man Yoo’s) that end up with Liverpool thrashing their opponents. Sigh. I sooo wanted to watch those games la!

Anyway, one thing I’ll definitely be watching is my diet. And extra careful too, which probably means no fried chicken wings, nasi lemaks or cold drinks in the morning.  Oh, and plenty of rest/sleep too, which loosely translates to no late night DOTA or One Piece Episodes.

But DOTA-ing any earlier than 1am  sucks la. I strongly believe that the wee hours crowd attracts the mature, serious and more reliable gamers.

Gaah! So I don’t win as often as I’d like to in DOTA games these days, but I hope the bad luck won’t stretch till tomorrow, when my soccer team plays the team that’s behind us in the league (and which I’m sure is plotting heavily for us to let go of the throne too).

I have a feeling it’ll be a good day tomorrow. *ignores runny nose and itchy throat*

I’m pretty sure it’ll be a good day. \m/