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Not for me but for my sis though I do wished someone had bought me a pair too — if I had just received my official and legal driving license!

Sweet-as-a pea pair of Le Coq Sportif sneakers for a celebratory occasion right? The pastel colours and the calming green should nullify any anxiety that sis could be feeling upon sitting behind the wheel some day while driving me around — yeah, like that’s gonna happen but I’m glad she liked it, cos it’s been a long while since I got her something.

Would I wear something like this? Not too sure cos it’s not my kinda style but if it’s free I don’t mind le. It’s got a nice stitching going on around the front and along the sides. The green that fills the inner shoe is a very nice touch too with a velvety soft feeling.

Thankfully I got it at a near 50% discount from it’s shelf price and at times like these, any cutback on spending is more than welcomed. But it’s still spending? Haha, gotta spoil yourself or your loved ones sometimes. ; )

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