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I just had Pastamania’s Seafood Miso twice now in as many days, and I’m still not sick of it. It’s creamy,  sweet, garlic-spicy, and smells of the sea. Now who could resist that eh? I couldn’t, so I got it via its home delivery — a very welcomed move IMHO.

This means that whenever I’m hungry and lazy at home I can count on Macdelivery, KFC, Pizza, Golden Pillow, and now, Pastamania! Now if only there is a Nasi Lemak delivery service on this island and I’m quite perplexed as to why noone is doing it exclusively.  If I had the $$$ and time, I’d love to start something like that, but I don’t so I can only rant at it. 

And I’d like to rant at Watchmen, the Movie too, which I felt had a sort of ‘sad’ and ‘unpromising’ ending. I’m glad I didn’t read the comic, otherwise I’d have an expectation of the movie when I watched it yesterday with Dil, right after work.

Oh, what a movie marathon it was too! We caught Push right after Watchmen, and overall, after almost 250mins++ of movie watching,  I thought Push fared better. Though not necessarily being a tremendously good movie, Push was a little bit ‘B’ grade in my opinion due to its venue, which was set in HongKong (why HongKong???).  Watchmen despite its ‘A’ grade looking effects (thanks to director Zack Snyder) disappointed in its ending, and it was a wordy show too!

The movie Push, it felt cheaply made, though the premise was not bad, and the acting of 13yr old Dakota Fanning, who donned an extremely mini mini mini mini-skirt throughout, was really good. Bright future she has indeed, and though you may compare pushers to x-men, the movie seriously needs a better director and scriptwriter if it is to be tagged a ‘blockbuster’.

Next up: Slumdog Millionaire. *cracks knuckles*