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What’s the hottest craze that’s hitting gamers all around the world and made one programmer seriously swimming in a paradise of Euros (and starting his very own gaming studio with all that cash~)?


The graphics are pixelated and rudimentary, the polygon counts are atrocious and without a mission or aim within the gameplay, what makes this game so special (and it’s creator so bloody rich)?

Let’s see..

Or say, if you’re a fan of Inception, here’s an Inception-inspired teaser..

Rudimentary and kiddish, I know, but there’s definitely a kid in all of us that’s waiting to be unleashed on a sandbox of infinite possibilities.

Indeed that there’s no mission or anything to be accomplished to ‘end’ the game, because there really isn’t an end to the gameworld of Minecraft.

Think of it like The Sims, an open world, except you don’t age (but you do get to possibly die when the bad guys come after you~).

As of this post, there’s just over 600,000 purchases for the game, which makes the creator, Markus Persson, richer by more than 6 Million (Dollars/Euros/Rupees?.. who cares~) ever since the game launched (for free back then) on 10th May 2009.

Talk about an indie developer’s success story, and those figures sure beat being an iphone or ipad developer, cos Markus nets every single dime of every purchase of his simple game — he built it himself, market it himself and sold the game himself.

A cool profit margin of 100%, but is it really that simple?

Gamers have built massive stuffs including computer hacks, a starship enterprise, you could join a multiplayer and build megacities like these, or if you’re an artist, then pixel art like these should make you wet.

Yes it is that simple, and almost like what I’ve mentioned in my previous post, the game is very simple, but it’s the people that makes it go beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.

Of course games like Minecraft won’t put the big boys like Valve and Blizzard into bankruptcy, but hey, at least it’s making them notice that in an age where technology pushes you to go into a race for the best graphics cards, it really is all about the gaming experience after all.

The two trailers should sufficely show you what the game is all about, and if you’re still clueless, then play the free version (Minecraft Classic) for yourself and see how it goes.

Or you could purchase Minecraft Alpha (50% off at the moment) and see what the fuss is all about, plus it won’t hurt to support a fellow indie developer right?

Minecraft, the best thing since slice bread.

Hmmm, time to go back into my mining world and slash some zombies, meanwhile I’ll see you in your world eh?