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Manchester City won, but as I glanced at the game stats…

Manchester City Vs Liverpool Stats

… Liverpool was the much more dominant team, with a possession difference (advantage) of 28%??

Had more shots at goal, even though there weren’t on target, and stll couldn’t score?

It’s been the plague of the season hasn’t it for Liverpool, that we’re dominatiing games and fail to capitalise with a win.

At least on previous occasions we could be blaming the posts, the bars, the referees and beach balls, but this time round, it’s just a drab loss and one has to take the bitter pill of humility and admit that we’ve been beaten comprehensively.

These things happen right? (Giving myself an excuse for the loss..)

The ball is round right? (Soothing myself temporarily in facing the loss..)

Gotta pick up the pieces and move on eh? (Motivating myself to continue supporting the losing team..)

Gotta face the same thing again twice within the month in the League Cup?? OH no~!