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Exactly 12 months ago, I fell in love, not just any kind of love but one that was deep, emotional and sort of entrenched kind of love.

It was our first date at the cinema, and I remember clearly that it was a cool Sunday morning at Lot 1, where I nervously donned the black rimmed, polarised glasses and took my seat, preparing for the inevitable connection.

I’ve heard what people have said and how they’ve reacted, but I had to be sure and witness it for myself.

Moments before it was revealed, everyone grew silent and as their attention glued, the lights dimmed and every sensuous perception of the body heightened.

A faint half-scream-half-warcry cracks the moment before a hectic beating of drumsĀ (or was it my own heartbeat?) and I was teleported into a lustful world, unlike any other that I’ve ever experienced.

That’s right folks, I fell, deeply, in love that day — It was my first date with Avatar, the movie.

Pathetic eh? I know. Read on. :p

So it spawned this ‘probably the longest Avatar movie review of all time‘ post and also kickstarted my evidently geeky and inexplicable passion for this virtual Pandoran world, where mountains of rocks float and gigantic trees have voices.

So how could I not relive that intimacy without another viewing of the movie, in HD no less and in it’s anniversary right?

If at this point of time, you’re thinking “Gee, this geek sure has some love issues — and with a movie?? Like Wtf???” — but that’s probably normal of you, because I guess I’m just abnormal enough to admit that I do oblige in indulging into a fantasy world sometimes, and where even close pals and normal people find that amusing (or maybe just plain silly and childish), well I sure don’t mind being silly and childish.

Relived those 3 hours of awe I did, but this time around, the awesomeness level wasn’t as skyrocketing as they used to, but that’s not surprising considering the insane amount of times that I’ve viewed it right?

Insane indeed, but to me, it’s all about injecting a little bit of fun and joy into an otherwise mundanely routined world of sleep, eat, work, eat, live, where a shortened acronym of those words would be S.E.W.E.L, and I’d implore you to ask your Malay friends what S.E.W.E.L is (Try saying that acronym as if it’s one full word..).

Nevertheless I’m nowhere near any thoughts of what a boring and unexcitable movie it has become, like how some movies are when you try to view them for the 28th time, but I doubt that there’s much movie that’ll even get viewed half that many times within your lifetime.

I still love the whole effing movie, and I’m still helpless and fruitless when it comes to finding faults with it.

As much as I try to dissect and infiltrate every plotline and turn over every bioluminescent leaves, I simply just can’t find any, but I guess love is indeed blind?

Love is blind, but love is like oxygen, a many spledored thing that lifts us up where we belong, and all that we need is love! (In case you didn’t notice, I just altered a line/quote off Moulin Rouge~ See what I did there?)

In case anyone asked, where though I know you didn’t ask, thusly I mentioned ‘in case’, I was tired, and exhausted, and weary, and felt a little overwhelmed, and somehow I was in need of a good pick-me-up tonight.

So I turned to Avatar, my long lost love, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Love do last forever and indeed it’s not that hard to go back to something that you once love and lost before.

Ahh.. the powers of the bond, or should I say Tsa’Haylu?