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EZ-Link Card Stickers are all the rage these days aren’t they?

You go into Mini Toons, Comics Mart or GIfts Shop and you’ll find them littered all over the shop.

There are celebrity images, cartoon images and even common pet images, but what if you wanted your own pictures?

Well if you sometime wish that you could print your own family photos, facourite images or basically something that’s different and cannot be found in stores, thankfully there is…. *drum-rolls*…


StickerDojo: Stickers For Awesomeness.

I heard the stickers look great too. Aha! = )

Spread the customization. Spread the love.

Been rather occupied tying down a few websites at the moment, so pardon the lack of constant posts here these days. I’m just glad that StickerDojo is nearing its completion. There’s still chinks in there, but nothing’s perfect right? I’d love to hear feedbacks, good or bad, and ways to improve. Let me know ya!