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Thank you Standard Chartered! Thank you so much for shirt sponsoring LFC (Liverpool Football Club), and the biggest deal in our history too!

What does this mean? At least in the context of muslim liverpool fas in the region, they don’t have to don the beer logo on their chests while supporting their favourite club from now on. You see, it’s viewed as a taboo or blasphemous situation to be caught as a muslim donning a beer branded shirt on your chest.

But that’s all history now, as Standard Chartered quietly moved in and captured a win-win situation for all.

I have been silently impressed by Standard Chartered’s modus operandi of late, and not just in their business world but also in their customer relationship world, where they have a knack of filling in the glaring void left by other banks. For example, like not requiring a minimum sum in a corporate checking bank account, unlike almost every other banks which will go on to penalise you with a fee for failure to maintain a minimum amount

Still, secretly I do feel a little weird to have the words ‘Standard Chartered’ printed across my chest, as opposed to ‘Carlsberg’ — because as far as branding goes, Carlsberg has that cooler, hipper character to it! As in by now I think everyone knows about that commercial where a group of mountaineers were greeted with a foosball table in the middle of nowhere, or that episode where the group of travellers get checked at what looked like a tense airport situation, only to be welcomed whole heartedly with open arms.

Now, come to Standard Chartered, well it’s a different situation altogether eh?

So how much actually went into Rafa’s coffers/warchest, I’m not too sure but this is definitely a good sign for LFC and their fans — perhaps more spending power will come in January? I’d like to hope so. Exciting times beckon!