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Why does Man Yoo has to spoil the night eh? But I’m sort of quietly glad that it was the boots of a 17yr old Italian, a lad by the name of Macheda, that have been glossing the pages of the newspapers — and I hope Ferguson or the Glazers reqard that chap with a handsome 4yr contract. 

Anyway, Liverpool took over the lead for a few hours after a 4-0 demilition of Blackburn Rovers who really looked to wish for the referee to end the game by halftime. There simply just wasn’t any determination, fightback nor belief in the ranks of the Blackburn lads. So sad of them to unjustify their fans’ devotion.

Liverpool was solid, swift, swashbuckling and sweeping. A right mentality after having hammered by Chelsea in mid-week, this was the right kind of anecdote that was needed to remove the poison, that is the effects of the prior loss.

3 more days, and Chelsea welcomes us. What an entertaining tie it is going to be. Can’t wait!