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Pressure cooks us all inside and turns patience and virtues into catalyst of disagreement and contempt.

Indeed everyone lives a life in evasion of life’s minefields and curveballs, but as good as we get at it, and deep down inside, we know that unless we accomodate a significant portion of our waking moments in attending to problems, the minefield mushrooms and the curveballs curve steeper.

Today I witness how external pressure stakes its claim on a prized brotherhood, exposing the vulnerabilities of human nature — that we aim to feel better by making others feel worse — though I’m compelled to not go any further than that, in this scene.

By all means, take a serious outlook on life, and be as serious as you can when it comes to matters pertaining to life itself, and Life, being yours, your loved ones or the ones living around you.

Then again, by all means, that doesn’t mean that one has to be serious.. all the time.

Go ahead, take things lightly. Laugh a little bit when a problem comes your way. Welcome a challenging issue with open arms. Then try to find solutions, and if you fail the first time round, and as cliche as it sounds, try again.

Life needs to be taken seriously, in all context of its meaning, but you don’t have to be serious all the time, okay?

Sometimes it’s better when the problems are handled with a bit of chuckles, and a lot less stress.