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What happens when you pair a 13yr old girl, who loves cats and an acer Netbook (whose owner seldom comes home ‘cos he’s too busy dota-ing working..) with a perfectly clean keyboard?



Keyboards never looked so colourful before eh, thanks to my sis, and I got a pleasant shock which subsided into an amusement, when it first came into my view.

It was so colourful, it made Avatar’s lush flora and fauna pale in comparison.

But I like the stickers of the cats, they’re quite amusing actually, helped also by my mesmerisations with the kitty-like facial and body features of avatar’s blue smurfs Na’vi people.

I’m not sure if she got the creative bug from me, or it was her natural instincts because ever since she was small, she’d be doodling and sketching already.

Occasionally I would show her my sketches and teach her bits and pieces of drawing principles whenever I’m home.

Lately, and sadly, I’ve not been home that much these few months, other than crawling onto the bed late in the morning, and home just feels like a hotel, and this is bad!

And I don’t just miss the family but I miss my kitties and the messing around with them too, although I won’t be missing the kittified keyboard anytime soon.

Then last night, where I told myself to get into bed by 10pm to try to catch up on lost sleeping hours, instead I overshot the curfew after picking up my Les Paul guitar and jamming away into the early hours.

I missed jamming so much and I think I gotta make it into a weekly thingy already.¬†As if the turning of my room into a hotel isn’t enough, I’m about to change it into a jamming studio~

I like.