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This month marks Jacky Printing’s 2nd year of establishment. Feels real good to see how far we’ve come to achieve. With a basic mission/vision statement of ‘Quality at your service’, it’s certainly no surprise that it is one area where our customers trust us on.

Mission/vision statements or tagline/trademark statements are indeed the lifeblood of any company, I dare say. Take for example Nike’s ‘Just do it’, Adidas’ ‘Impossible is nothin’ or Macdonald’s ‘I’m loving it’. Very simple, succinct and tells-all statements which justify the success that such companies have enjoyed thus far.

It makes you think just how brilliant, and lazy at the same time, a copywriter can be. It’s all about laying the law with that one statement and filling it up with punches and kicks altogether.

Did someone say law? Hais. Seems like I’ve got about a month or so left before I’m drafted back into my reservist unit. When the nation celebrates national day, I’ll be dragging myself into camp. Though it means I’m free from work stress, it also means that I won’t be getting any commission for that month! T.T

No commission = no late night gaming sessions, no ordering of fast food delivery and also the heavy praying that the Fireblade stays smooth from breakdowns.

At times like these, I long for passive income… Heh.