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Yea, greetings all and did you knew that it’s my birthday month this month, and that everytime it comes around I get all sober and uber emotional, instead of celebratory and all crazy?

Like how in 2010 I welcomed it with a touch of Avatar-ish calmness and a dash of adult-like sensibility, and it felt as if everything was coming together into place, and yet still not getting the full picture.

Like how in 2009 life was pretty much a simple routine that consisted of work, friends and family and how 27 years young made me appreciate life that much more?

I’m still unsure how my 2011’s birthday post will turn out like but a quick run into my chronological memory, and whether it’s a coincidence that I meandered across a number of disheartening memory banks, well, I’m unsure.

2010 brought plenty of highlights as well… but if only I could retrieve em in an instant with a wave of a stick, as if they were in a collective pool like Dumbledore’s pensieve, but they aren’t so I’m going to have to struggle a little for a while.

If anything, 2010 has been a memorable year, not just for its highlights, but for a few shadows that I’ve casted along the way as well.

But hey, enough of the repositions and while the birthday post has yet to culminate fully, let’s just take things, the way I like em to, as they come shall we?

For now, it’s 8.35am in the morning and I’m up early because lately I’ve been forced into retiring early for the night due to a mysterious bout of ‘hives’ or this rash-like bumps that itch everywhere on my body’s skin.

January has passed by us all in a flick of a moment and oh golly it’s the middle of the month already!

Too fast, right?

Yeah, time waits for no man. Or woman. Or pets.

Still I raise a glass to you, for it’s a month where we come to terms with our past years’ demons as we try, yet again, to meet the terms of their resolutions.

So have you sorted out your resolution(s) for 2011, or are you still as undecided (or as hands-tied-behind-back-to-consider-anything-much) as I am?