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This is probably the longest thread title that I’ve ever given to a blog post, because I couldn’t think of a way to summarise it.

I used to be good at summarising, my former Engglish Teacher would attest to that when I tried to pass off 68words as 70 words. It didn’t work of course and the teacher made me resummarise, but that’s an entirely different story. Btw, my version of good at summarising means to kick out stuffs which I deemed irrelevant to a gist. Sometimes I don’t even have enough words to end with.

Today however is one of those days where I can’t crack my brain enough to summarise. I’m thick skulled huh?

Anyway, so what if it rained? It rains every other day, but what made it special when it rained last Saturday while I was on the way to work is that I wore my ‘Baju Melayu’ to ride. So that I didn’t have to go back home after work and instead join my frens immediately with the outing.

But hey, gotta be optimistic and live life rite? This picture sums it all, taken by my colleague after I settled down in the office:

Mar in Grey

Why so grey Mar? Are you at your work place? Is that a brand new Baju Raya? But you’re not wet? Didn’t you say it rained?

Okay, okay, but what’s wrong with the colour grey? I love it. Anyway, it’s not really that grey but more towards silvery grey. That Songkok I’m wearing on my head, well I got it last minute at 4am, when I went down with family at Geylang for last minute bargains, which turned out to be a mass royal rumble instead.

It’s like there are Aunties and Uncles, Mats and Minahs, Kids and more kids everywhere, all jostling and cramming to inch forward and deny any oncoming traffic any space. If there was a ring and a mat, I’d smackdown some of these people la (not that I can anyways~). So some vendors look as if they’ve decided to no longer commit to this royal rumble anymore with their weary expressions, while some were simply out of words and still holding onto their loud-hailers, and that was where I decided to capitalise on, by targeting the weary vendors who lacked the energy to upsell their stuffs and instead give in to my cheapness. Gee, I’m cheap. *wink*

Still this Baju Raya isn’t brand new, it’s just that it’s been years since I wore it. I think I bought it in 2003 or was it 2004? Can’t remember but I’ve kept it so long in the closet that when I took it out that Saturday, it didn’t need any ironing, as everything was crisp and straight! I think I should just keep my Baju Rayas in this manner from now on.

So thanks to my full set raincoat, I plundered through the rain, settled down in the office, took some pictures and prepared myself for the outing. I thought that everything would go on smoothly and join the D’junkies after work. And then I realised that I left my handphone at home.

Irfan Drives Shockingly

Yep, that’s how I felt too.

(This pic taken at the end of the outing, after Irfan couldn’t bear to part ways. He wore the mask to hide away the tears, I presume.)