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Love makes the world go round.

And I love these two much, much, much.


My dad with my lovely little baby.

Okay I lied, cos It’s actually my uncle’s son, but isn’t he just so adorable?

Shower kids with love and they’ll grow to appreciate and be generous in the currency of the heart.

You could even shower them with a birthday party and smile beamingly like my dad here.


He threw a birthday party for little Irfan and I’m jealous because I didn’t even get one when I turned one!

Or perhaps not that I could remember but…


… cute birthday cake right?

The strawberries and mangoes are screaming “bite me, bite me!” while the cream, well it’s just white uh?

In any case, I’m not a fan of cakes, so even if it looks deliciously yummy, I don’t think I’ll miss not eating this.

But I do miss this yummy little boy here.


One of God’s gift for us to appreciate and nurture and love.


Oops, make that TWO of God’s gift to appreciate greatly, nurture endlessly and love unconditionally.