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Anytime Money Back GuaranteeLet’s see how fast sticks to this ANYTIME money back guarantee of theirs.

Which really was the reason that I tried taking them up, cos their offer was irresistibly good:

1) Money Back Guarantee
This eliminates any risk of potentially getting stucked with a service or product that I’m not happy with.

2) Low Yearly Fee
Let’s face it, when are we unmoved by the price factor? Sure iPage’s plan wasn’t the lowest, compared to other hosts’ but I just had this itch to switch to another host and at this moment in time, price had to be one of the factor.

3) They Looked The Look
I know, I know, never judge a book by its cover and I may be a sucker for their ‘image’ here , in falling for their marketing cosmetics but that’s how it really goes on in life, without most of us giving any though to it. The more professional it looks, the more inclined you’re going to part with your money. Right?

So why the sudden urge for a refund?

Let’s just say I wasn’t a satisfied customer after a purchase, which I wouldn’t go deep into at the moment.

And please don’t think that they’ve got bad services or poorly designed products, because they’re actually quite good.

Plus they’ve really done well and came back strongly into the web hosting market, especially after a hiatus a few years back, and especially so with a “No questions asked”, “Anytime cancel” policy.

So now I await their reply.