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Imac 27inch Cinematic Screen

How can anyone resist this? How can? Or how cannot???

Wait, I know how cannot — cannot afford that is! By not having the money to buy!

So tantalising, so tempting, so… arrghhh! I’ll admit, I’m an Apple fanboy! Bite me!

Iphone 3GS

And then there is the iPhone 3GS! So sleek, so captivating, so smooth, so…. arrrghhhhH!!!

Why must Apple torture me suring this holiday season with all these beautiful gadgets!

It’s not quite an obsession with the brand or anything-but-apple mindset that I possess, but it’s the simple, minimalistic yet functional design of Apple’s products that draws me towards them.

See that iphone above? Ever since its release, how many lookalikes have there been? Or even the imac for that matter.

But you know what’s the down-to-earth thing about apple is? Is that it does have it’s not-so-great moments as well, which it takes on smoothly and moves on.


Remember the Apple Newton? Aha! Not many would realise about it, but it wasn’t the success that Apple then craved for it to be.

In 1998 the Apple Newton was cut off from its production line, due to the lukewarm response for the said PDA.

G4 Cube

And to state another, there was the G4 Cube, an award winning product, that was simply out of this world (at that time) and out of everyone’s pockets it seemed. It got stuffed away and despite a few facelift, ¬†at least it has driven Apple towards the obsession of slimmer, smaller or lighter, and better.

Thus the imac today.

Thinking about it, the imac, the iphone all perhaps wouldn’t have gained its cult status if not for these duds. It’s the continuous redesign and improvements given to its product line that makes Apple stand out from the rest of its counterparts.

Instead of adding more features and hardware, things are streamlined and simplified, yet functional. The way that good designs should be.

Being a part-time designer myself, I cannot stress how important this simple mantra of mine is: Good designs should make things simple, uncluttered and fully functional.

Keep reinventing, repolishing, reworking on any design before you can call it a final design, and imho there can and never will be a final design, because designs can forever be improved and polished.

And I love, adore, obsessive over good polished designs.

Anyway, since I can’t afford a 27inch iMac at the moment, and sees no reason for me to want to get one either (other than the adoration for having one itself, then I guess I can wait — even if Bidpax offers it to me for cheap!

Now is one website that is simple, streamlined BUT (sadly) just not functional. Bah~