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There’s no subtler way to say this, but I am surrounded by people who complain about almost everything (which pisses irritates me off BUT I do try to help them or at least attempt to make their life better a little, by offering an assistance.

Nevertheless there are a few of whom I know are proactive and take actions promptly, instead of bad mouthing/complaining, and these are the sort of people that I enjoy being with — because they don’t make problems for you.

And for those who aren’t in the latter category of people…

READ THIS about how to stop letting things in life piss you off and BECOME A BETTER PERSON.

I happened to read that article and couldn’t agree any more on how apt it is in life, or how apt it is in improving life, AND if you intend to improve your life (or a friend’s) then read it or pass it on.

Eg. I’m sure YOU’VE heard or know of how some people go on and on complaining about how the parking attendant booked them for parking offences? — Well if they’d not commit the offence, they wouldn’t be booked eh? IMHO, if you’re taking a risk (like parking without putting coupons) and it doesn’t pay off (or in this case you’re made to pay heftily) then take it like a man (or a girl, or lady, or grandfather, or whoever you may be.)! The story seems stupidly silly and makes the complainant more of a cry baby or SOMEONE WHO ISN”T IN CONTROL OF THE SITUATION eh?

So get in control today!

Btw, the first 5 people to read the link above will be bestowed with good luck for the rest of their dating lives. If, they’re dating. Heh. AND if you don’t read it or share the link, bad luck will befall you, like your monitor will start to flicker uncontrollably and then it’ll just die and the CDs on your shelves will rot and smell real bad!!! You’ve been warned!1

1Haha, just felt like typing that last paragraph, cos it’s been a looong while since anyone’s ever sent me those silly and utterly ridiculus emails /sms-es like these — total BS stuffs la. Good old stuffs.. Wooo~