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This is a hot topic among friends and colleagues isn’t it, where the only end to this debate is  a broken nose or a cracked monitor, which was thrown from across the other cubicle right?

Maybe that was a far fetched claim but debates will crop up for sure whenever 2 tech geeks get together to discuss about this.

Of course I always have my fair share of favouritism of brands and models whenever I jump onto the bandwagon and decide to share a piece of my mind.

Laptop Ranking By Malfunction Rates

As always I will always recommend an Asus brand to anyone who asks me which is the brand to lookout for, and looking at the stats above I’m not wrong eh?

Asus makes great reliable motherboards as well, and whenever I’m customising my systems, I tend to choose Asus (if MSI is too expensive) more often than not.

I guess it’s not wrong either when I mention Toshiba as another reliable option, with its famous Toughbook series, which are quite… tough.

However there’s one particular brand which is missing from this list and that is MSI, which to me is an ethereal brand that produces top laptops with over the top features — and I can only think of overclockers and modders for ruining its position here.

Anyway do you see Apple at no. 4? Perhaps something that the Apple execs are not used to seeing eh.

I don’t recommend Apple’s laptops anyway, not because of the scarcity of bootlegged softwares on the streets (btw stop piracy! Ish… ) but because it’s NOT NEEDED by most when you consider the pricetag on their machines.

Unless you’re a Tai Tai, a Designer, or just won a $4000 bet with a friend, which he betted against Singapore wining 1-0 against Thailand last night, then Apple’s machines aren’t for you.

They’re too expensive (unless you get it from bidpax. heh~).

But if you look closely at the title of the laptop rankings above, it says malfunction rates — not feature and ease of use and such, as these would warrant another ranking list altogether.

The ranking above talks about how durable/reliable these laptops are, especially useful for construction workers or students that chug their laptops in their backpacks and then throwing their bags around the floor, before complaining later how unreliable and brittle their laptops are and how they could really use that Macbook Pro with the unibody design instead.

Pffft, I say, then so how does one choose the perfect laptop?

Easy, get one with the perfect warranty.

A lifetime warranty suits anyone best, but in this not so perfect world we live in, a 2-3 year warranty should merit you with enough protection, before the laptop specs become obsolete and you decide to purchase a new one again.