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In an FA artist’s world of vector graphics and layout editing, you either belong within the Illustrator/Indesign camp, the Coreldraw camp, the Freehand camp, or the ‘I-did-it-in-excel/word/powerpoint’ camp.

And of course there are some who belong into the ‘Here’s a piece of paper with my pencil layout so go ahead and print’ camp, which really shouldn’t be a camp at all in the first place.

Instead of a camp it could be a museum exhibition, because these people are certainly destined for extinction.

All these in an FA artist’s make believe world of course.

Personally, I’m an Illustrator converted into Freehand camp, and I’ve stayed there religiously ever since, as what’s not to love about a vector app that handles images fluidly, works bezier curves like a charm, and operates inobtrusively and responsibly with its ‘clipping mask’ ability.

FreehandMX is beautiful.

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but you could probably imagine my devastation as it failed on me time and time again, whenever I installed FreehandMx onto my Mac and tried launching it.

It’s similar to the frustration of a pensioned Singapore man going to Geylang and his not-so-younger brother just won’t ‘sedia1′.

My beloved FreehandMX failed to launch repeatedly, no matter how many clean installs of it I made, and it didn’t hit me to search Google for a solution, until today that is.

FreeFreehand’s wordpress blog was top searched and it managed to solve my Freehand issues within a few minutes.

A tiny ZIP file download, a short extraction and pretty soon after, Freehand launched for the very first time, on my Mac.

It’s similar to the satisfaction of a pensioned Singapore man g…. oh, nevermind.

Bottomline is, FreehandMX worked like a charm, and if any Mac users are facing similar issues after a reboot of Mac OS X 10.6.2, aren’t you glad that I have your solution here?


1Sedia: ‘Sedia’ is a military command, in the Malay language, which simply calls for recruits to stand in attention, still and firm.