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For almost the past 2 weeks, I’ve been experiencing trauma of waking up and heading for work.

It became almost a habit that I’d sneak in another 5 more minutes of snooze, which then becomes 10, which then becomes 15, and so on it continues until I realise that it’s already 10am and I’ve not even bath and changed for work!

Did I mention that the office opens OFFICIALLY at 9.30am and I’d be forced to zoom off to work hastily, and it aches most when there’s a traffic jam along AYE, where traffic crawls for no reason at all!

Yes, for no reason at all, drivers are simply driving slowly for no apparent reason. There’s no accident, there’s no vehicle breakdowns and there’s certainly no fallen trees or bridges (touch wood) in the middle of the road, so it puzzles me that EVERYTIME I go past AYE around 10.15am to 10.30am, between Jurong Town Hall exit and Portsdown exit, there is a man made jam.

So I’d reach office sometimes 10.30, latest 11am and though I’m blushing as I enter, noone’s asking me anything or mentions anything. It’s weird, I ought to get a scolding but each time my ‘promptness’ is being overlooked. Though it’s a relief not to have to answer to anything, it feels weird nevertheless, that your colleagues are all there, some from 9am onwards even, and you’re waltzing in at your own sweet time.

Everynight I tell myself to wake up earlier the next day. I even set my alarm to repeat endlessly, but each morning, the tendency to snooze for another 5 mins kicks in, and the whole cycle repeats itself, regretfully.

Indeed, I regret that I’m not able to wake proper and get ready for work proper. I deeply regret that I’ve been reaching office late, but I simply can’t help it! Gahhhh!

I’ve tried multiple alarms, even to bath, change and all ready, only for the 5mins snooze in me to kick in again.

I’ve tried going online, trying to read news to keep me awake, but as I wait for some sites to load, the 5 mins snooze kicks in.

How does one get up early and stay up!??!?

Tomorrow, I’m going to try a new method. I think I’m going to snooze in the living room instead of snoozing at the bedroom. That way, anyone who leaves for work will probably attempt to wake me from my stupor. Ahhh!

That could work… I think.