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I was surfing.. and surfing.. and surfing.. and my tummy groaned.

Have you heard of sprees and how some people got spree-scammed (in a way, unfortunately)?

Well how about a website where you can get the best deals everytime, and not worry about being scammed?

Best of all, it’ll stop any tummy from groaning and moaning.


Hungry deals from Hungry Go Where for top Groupons and coupons.

In the websnapshot above, you can see that not only is it limited to the first 20 customers, but that there is also a window of opportunity to get the coupons before it goes away.

Act fast and let the tummy decide, but afraid that it might be another tantalising scam huh?

Don’t worry, and don’t let that huge ‘Buy’ button fool you into thinking that you’re going to spend S$15 immediately when you hit it, because you’re not.

What happens when you choose to buy, you’re actually ‘booking’ yourself to one voucher/coupon/groupon/whatever and only when the required number of people signs up, and only then does the deal triggers and $$$ is deducted from you treasure chest.

You’ll be sent an email on the success of the deal and both you and your tummy will be a happy couple, forever after.

However when there isn’t enough hungry tummy that signs up, the deal is scrapped and nothing happens.

That’s right, no bills will be sent your way, just a bento box of dissapointment indeed.

Go ahead.

Be a man (or woman)

Do the right thing.

Take it. And go. = )