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January BabiesShe’s flying off to Australia for her overseas university study stint tomorrow afternoon and I’m glad for her, even if some quarters in this part of the world thinks that it’s a mistake that she’s undertaking, I say let it be.

Mistakes are god’s gift, packaged in an ugly and sometimes unwarranted wrapper, but if we don’t try to unwrap, we’ll never know what beauty lies inside, if any, right?

I’d like to think that there’s always something beautiful in everything, and that’s how I view things, that there’s always things to look forward to, even within problems.

And why should any problem or issue let you down or get in your way of progress, if the direction you’re heading is towards a development of some kind or some thing?

So to my sister, go forth and fly off and worry not about mistakes or being wrong.

For growing up means to accept and learn from our mistakes and correct the wrongs, of which we’ll never know if we never encounter any.

Okay lah, we’ll meet again in a few more days, so sponge as much as you can from your study trip, and take loads of pictures!

Oh, and just don’t come back with that kentang (french fries) Australian accent mate, cos it’s only a few days.