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I’m a little disappointed approaching this holiday weekend.

3 Reasons. 1 — that I’m not gonna have a proper holiday as I’ve to come back to work, since my colleagues are all back in their hometown in Malaysia. 2 — that one of my cusomers project got stalled due to my supplier’s ignorance and then proceeding to blame me for not giving proper instructions. Yeah right. And 3 — not being able to celebrate Mother’s day with godma ‘cos I’ve a league game in the late afternoon, followed by ‘back-to-office’ in the evenings.

Yes, hiring foreign workers are way cheaper than locals, who tend to job-hop anyways but the drawbacks couldn’t be more evident this week. With my company’s legion of foreign contingent heading acrosss the causeway, its time for us locals to l*n l*n get the job done. Time for Mr Responsibility to kick in this weekend — but that ain’t stoping me from kicking off the league game though, of which has been getting on really well too! Loving the team at the moment.

Anyway disappointments aside, how can I discount the perks of meeting gorgeous girls from the various agencies right? Hehehehe! Ahhh, but too bad I just can’t find myself mixing work with non-platonics relationships. Just can’t see it working out. Then again, I’ve not even tried! Bah, better be on the safe side. Kekeke.

And is it really that hard making decisions? Bro has a hard time but I guess that’s all down to not being firm about decision-making. Yes, one has to be firm, and justified too. A little flexible should be thrown into the equation and pretty soon, you’ll have a winning solution in your hands. Anyway, being firm is much much better than dilly-dallying on a decision. Saves a hell lots of time.

Talk about saving time, not since a long time, I hanged around with the guys after soccer juz now. Back from work at 11.30pm, I met up with Andi and his new SuperFour Bike (very nice! very bluey too!). Reached FICO at about 12am (yes, midnight soccer baby!), played a few games, scored a few goals and had fun, a good release after a day of relentless work.

So yeah, we chilled at the carpark after the game, cos at 1.30am there aren’t many places available to chill at, and basically, talked nonsense all the way. Ahhh, feels good to just chat up and see what’s going on with the guys. 

Ahhh, and now that I’m back home, I do feel a little bit more relaxed, compared to the tensed me at work earlier. Or maybe its my cough syrup taking it toll on me? I am feeling a little drowsy now. Better get crashing now eh?

Alrightey, happy Vesak Day and  holidays people AND have a greaaaaaat weekend! Bah~ :/