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Whahaha! Whatever they come up with next eh?

Browsing through my emails/spam/adverts I came across this intersting link about ‘green’ smoke!

Green Smoke - It's Electric!

This thingy is actually a ciggarette that’s healthier! Wait a minute, since when is smoking even healthy? I quote from their webby:

“Green Smoke is a revolutionary new nicotine delivery system that provides a healthier alternative to traditional cigarette smoking.  With traditional cigarettes, the smoker is forced to inhale thousands of unwanted chemicals and carcinogens along with the nicotine.  With Green Smoke, this is a thing of the past!”

It’s supposed to not only save your lifespan by that much, but it saves your money too! Whahahaha — as if~ Think what? Electricity use freely arh?

Now I don’t know how it looks like during its application but I hope noone gets elecrocuted or anything like that while trying to smoke healthily.

Hmm, definitely felt a little weird in saying that previous statement, BUT if there’s any smokers who wants to, ahem, stay a little healthier then by all means please find out more about the green smoke!

(Pssst, that Green Smoke link is a referrel link so hope ya don’t mind ya! *winks*)