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A couple of guys were having dinner, shot some videos and wanted to share with their friends, but there just wasn’t any easy way to do that back in 2005!

There wasn’t file sharing services, email was still slow and tedious while embedding quicktime movies onto a website is just hazardous.

Indeed they came up with a solution to solve their much personal problem of ‘difficulty in sharing videos over the internet’ back then, which today is known as… yep, you’ve guessed it ‘YouTube’.

And those guys are millionaires and they no longer operate from the second floor, above a Japanese restaurant.

It’s amazing when you stick your head to solving problems, instead of deflecting or evading them.

So Youtube has come a long way and still intent on going further, especially with its latest ‘Google TV’ or something like that, which I’d like to think of as a ‘Specialised mature iPad with a singular intent in entertainment’, and I think if that joint project with Sony pays off, Apple Inc’s probably  gonna go the same way with their Apple TV.

Oh wait, they’re already doing it with an apple tv, or at least something similar in providing search-tv.

Yep, search-tv (goodbye pay-per-view tv).

Anyway, everytime I go on youtube I’m always searching for movie clips to humor me for the day, and lately I’ve found a couple of gems, and they never fail to tickle my funny bone.

Ever heard of Human Giant, and Balloon Shop? <– They’re linked to what I think may be their funniest load on the net, and quite possibly, the some of the funniest refined comedy online.

Oh, and funny enough, that Viacom lawsuit against Google’s Youtube is quite frankly turning into one of those funniest and silliest lawsuit ever.

Viacom’s never gonna win that. Not when they themselves use youtube, or maybe they just want the publicity. Oh wait, dont they already own major publishing outlets?

Oh well, Let’s go!