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Finally, fodder for journalists and bloggers everywhere to pounce on and milk till it’s dry right?

Liverpool deservedly lost against a Fulham side which seems to have finally found their scoring boots, especially Zamora, who is now famous around the world for missing the open goalmouth from yards out, with the goalkeeper on his bum and defenders miles away.

For having a squad so thin that it makes the Olsen twins look big and fat, Rafa shouldn’t be piling the blame on injuries, because the management team hasn’t been getting their act for a few years now.

The new Anfield stadium that was supposed to be half built by now has it’s planned shelved. The much anticipated and rumoured transfer of David Villa or Silva has just as much weight as the air that you’re breathing in now.

Unless new owners (with $$$) come in to rectify the bank books , he accounts journal or whatever it is that they use to keep track of their finances, and only till then will any reversal of fortunes be truly seen.

I’m afraid there’ll be more of the one hit wonder (victory over the Red Devils) from my beloved Reds this season, as they’ll struggle to find inspiration in their football.

Sure, they’d probably get motivated, but there’s a THICK RED LINE between motivation and inspiration.

Motivation, it gets you fired up for the day, and after you get exhausted, you pat yourself on your back, and then you set off to rest, and you wonder what will happen tomorrow.

Inspiration, it gets you fired up for the day, and ever after you’re exhausted, you still find yourself planning and imagining tomorrow. You don’t really want to rest, so you’ll find hundreds of reasons to continue whatever you’re doing for the rest of your life.

Now this is inspiration.

Badly, and really really badly, Liverpool’s players needs some inspiration right now, and unfortunately an 80% fit Torres isn’t enough, and a sidelined captain is just too bad.

How much can a manager like Rafa motivate? Sure, he inspires, but then it begs the question of who will inspire Rafa?

Fulham 3 – Liverpool 1. So not inspirational~