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..Flying at the speed of light 
Thoughts were spinning in my head 
So many things were left unsaid 
It’s hard to let you go…
(Full lyrics here.)

I realised that my previous post sounded a tad too depressing, but I’m not going to pull its plug, but perhaps a little something that sort of gave me a little pick-me-up as I listened to its familiar lines and rhythms.

Early on, I have much criticised my idolised rock band, Linkin Park (LP) for it’s ‘concept album’ decision for ‘A Thousand Sun’, but I guess it’s only apt that these guys take a new turn in their music genre and tastes as they get older.

I actually thought that LP has gone nuts or ‘lost it’ when I first heard the album, but these are the still same 6 guys that have been bewitching me with rock tunes for over the past decade, and no, they’ve not gone nuts nor lost it.

Perhaps a ‘concept album’ was just the perfect pick-me-up that the band needed?

Nothing like a little bit of raggae on a Sunday morning..

Lovely, lovely, lovely video.

Loving the upbeat tempo of this song despite the lamentable nature of the message, once again, I had to count on LP to give me that little bit of lift that I’ve been needing lately.

Honestly, it’s been awhile since I’ve given the band some listening and I actually spent close to 3 hours of my Sunday afternoon just reminiscing their tunes and feeling good all over again.

It’s a lot like the Dalglish effect — like how Liverpool’s performance have massively improved under his guidance and familiar hands, eg. thrashing Man Yoo 3-1.

It’s a reminder, at least for me, that despite the thrashy and diabolical performances that my Liverpool team have been displaying at the starting few months of this season, those same players are still very highly capable players and that all they needed was a Dalglish ‘pick-me-up’.

Except for a certain Torres (Torres-who?), the team’s backbone is pretty much the same.

Sometimes you move too fast, try too much or simply lost yourself, and then you feel shitty and lousy — but take heart that all you may really need is a little familiar voice to remind you that there’s something good in the offings.

And then suddenly everything changes.

Thank you LP.